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'Find Express' LLC offers this service to its users who have difficulty ordering products from Turkey. Employees of 'Find Express LLC' assist customers in the online ordering process with this service. This means that all stages of the online order are carried out by our employees and the parcels are delivered directly from the sales company to the address in Azerbaijan. This service, provided to our customers, is completely free.

from Turkey

'Find Express' LLC provides fast and affordable delivery of products ordered from the online platforms of brands and stores (clothing, etc.) located in Turkey and America. Your product ordered from Turkey and America is delivered to our Baku warehouse as soon as possible. The delivery time of the package from Turkey is 2-3 working days, and the delivery time from America is 5-7 working days.


As 'Find Express' LLC, we offer the delivery service of your cargo that has entered the Baku warehouse to the desired address. With this service, you get the product you ordered without having to go anywhere and spend extra time, and we are happy because we satisfy our customers. You can get detailed information about this service and its payment in the tariffs section.


If the orders registered from Turkey are sent by the store in an incorrect, unusable or damaged form, this service can be used. The package must be returned to the Baku office within 48 hours from the moment it is received for return, and if one of the above-mentioned cases is detected, it must be returned to the office within 24 hours along with the invoice document. 'RETURN CODE' must be sent within 3 working days for the package in the Turkish warehouse. Otherwise, the package will be processed and will not be returned to the seller. Electronic products are non-refundable. Orders are returned at rates based on weight. Orders registered with the 'Make an Order'service are returned free of charge.